People are constantly sending Iconaday their icon design work. We love to see it. So we thought we'd put together some tips on what we look for in icons and what you can do to be featured:

Use proper whitespace

Make sure you're using a good amount of whitespace—the area around your design—in your post. Too little space and your icons can't breathe. Too much space and your icons can't be seen. Finding the right balance is key.

Explore unique styles

Whenever we come across designs that push styles in unique ways, we're eager to post them.

Execute an interesting concept

It's one thing to create a visually appealing icon. It's another to create one with a larger concept at play. It could be reimagining a commonly recognized icon. Perhaps it's bringing two different ideas together. We appreciate when an icon makes us think in new ways.

Document your process

Posting how you got to your final icons is something we always love to see. It could be a picture of your sketches, a time-lapse video of you working, or a side-by-side comparison of the different stages you went through.

Show your icons in context

Displaying your icons in their proper context helps people to understand them better. For instance, if your icons were for an app, you could show the app's interface.

Get our eyes on it

Be sure to use #iconaday whenever you post icon design work. We look at it regularly and find a majority of our featured content from posts using the hashtag.

Want to get our attention even more? Send Iconaday an email. Want to go a step further? Share details surrounding the icons: your process, the story/meaning behind the icons, etc. We're more likely to feature work with substance.