Looking for new ways to make money as an icon designer? With the latest iOS update from Apple, it enables you to have custom app icons on your home screen. While we’ve already seen a number of implementations of this from designers, there are a couple that stand out to us. The first is @traf’s minimalist icons—available in black, slate, cobalt, and white.

Image via Traf

While the icons are beautiful, what stands out the most to us is how much money Traf was able to make through them. Priced at $28, the designer tweeted that he made $266,000 over the course of just 30 days.

Image via @traf on Twitter

Another designer’s work we want to draw your attention to is Jeremy Booth, who has made custom Nike (Jordan 1 and AirMax) and Vinyl Record iOS icons.

Image via Jeremy Booth
Image via Jeremy Booth

Even though it’s just getting started, selling custom iOS 14 icons appears to be a legitimate way to make money as an icon designer. Our advice to those looking to do this is:

1. Take a concept you’re interested in and make an icon set in your signature style.

The more unique or creative it is, the better chance you'll have at catching someone’s attention—and ultimately making money.

2. Post a preview image of the icons on your social media.

This will help you gauge the interest level for your icons and may give you more motivation to make more icons.

3. Finalize your icons.

After you’ve got a better sense of how much people are interested in your icons, make any final adjustments or additions. Make sure you pay attention to the details.

4. Use Gumroad to sell them.

Once you’ve finalized your icons, create a Gumroad account and upload your products.

5. Market your icons to your audience.

After you make them available for purchase, let your audience know about it! Not sure what you should charge? Look to what Traf and Jeremy Booth have set their prices for starters, but only you can decide how much you want your icons to be. Additionally, designing marketing images for your products can help your icons to stand out even more.

6. Repeat and refine your offerings as you go.

As you learn more about what your audience likes about your icons, you’ll be able to refine what you sell. You can cater to what they specifically want and deliver icon sets that sell.


You might be surprised how much you can make off of selling custom iOS 14 icons. Just ask Traf.

P.S. love the icons we mentioned? You can purchase Traf's icons here* and Jeremy's icons here*

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